New Year Progress

After a bit of detective work we have finally managed to match the paint colours and product used on neighbouring houses. It’s a Swedish make of paint called Jotun and the colours are non-standard, so it took some time to get the match.

The two cladding colours – brown for the front, red for the back.
Matched colour at the bottom, and an earlier unsuccessful attempt above.

Spotlights are currently being installed in most of the rooms. Here’s a shot of the living room, where we have temporarily put them in place in the ceiling:

Living room – with spots.

We opted for simple white, coated metal spots which we felt were a good fit for the house, and Byker’s cheap, cheerful, Scandinavian feel.


Hopefully when we paint the ceilings white the spots will look even better.

We have also started the process of applying for planning permission and listed building consent (LBC) to replace the windows and doors:
Drawing of the proposed elevations for planning submission.

Next job: painting the exterior cladding before the new windows and doors are installed. Waiting for some alright weather..!

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