Byker House Renovation | Before Photos

In July of this year I purchased a neglected property on the Byker estate in Newcastle.

Like a lot of mid-century social housing, the layout is very generous, and there is a large amount of storage space.

There was a lot to disincentivise potential buyers; the property is still single glazed, the heating system needed recommissioning, and there is extensive decorating to be undertaken throughout. The property is also listed which potentially restricts alterations to the exterior of the building; it also requires the administrative hurdle of listed building consent (LBC).

I like the unusual nature of the property; the Byker houses appear very modern, but still feel very much like a traditional British house; with a touch of Swedish vernacular. There is a lot of potential here to do something homely yet modern.

‘Before’ pictures below:

Front (north) elevation:


Rear (south) elevation:_MG_6324

Living Room:


Dining Room:




Landing / stair:


Master Bedroom:


Bedroom 2:


Bedroom 3:




Lots of work to do…

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